Also known as WickedQueenLovesApples. This is what I do all day concerning my fandoms and my fleet of ships. Drop me or the gang an ask!

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This isn't really a question I just wanted to say that you are really talented! And keep doing what your doing I love your work! :)

Awww…thanks so much! I really appreciate that you took time to send me this. You are a wonderful person! ^_^


I’m totally gonna do it man Ruffnut is so great and Eret is so grossed out 

It’ll be epic

Ships I Sail

I’ve recently had some inquiries as to what I ship and what requests I take. Here is a comprehensive list of romantic ships. Will write or do art for any platonic friendship or non-pairing action. The pairings I ship and will create for are below.

Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood- Bennefrost (Jackson Overland Frost x Jamie Bennett), Sweettooth (Toothiana x E. Aster Bunnymund), Bedtime Stories (Katherine x Nighlight), Monty x Pippa, Cupcake x Claude, Mother Nature/Emily Jane Pitchihiner x Nicholas St. North

Brave - Merida x Young MacGuffin, Elinor x Fergus

Tangled- Flynn Rider/Eugene Fiztherbert x Rapunzel

Frozen - Kristoff x Anna

How to Train Your Dragon - Hiccstrid (Hiccup x Astrid), Snotlout x Ruffnut Thorston, Fishlegs x Ruffnut Thorston, Eret Son of Eret x Ruffnut Thorston, Stoick the Vast x Valka, Gobber x Thor

Dude, That’s My Ghost! - Ectofeature/Film Sensation (Spencer Wright x Billy Joe Cobra/Baruch Cohen), Lolo x Rajeev

Adventure Time: Finn x Fire Princess, Bubblegum x Marceline, Lady Rainicorn x Jake

Danny Phantom: Danny Fenton x Sam Manson, Tucker x Valerie, Vlad x Jazz Fenton

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Toko (Toph Beifong x Zuko), Kataang (Katara x Aang), Sukka (Suki x Sokka), Jet x Mai, the Duke x Meng, the Earth King x Song, Teo x Jin, Haru x Ty Lee, Smellershot (Smellerbee x Longshot), Tom Tom x Hope

The Black Cauldron - Taran x Braen Rhylfwr (Original Male Character, son of the Horned King)

The Incredibles: Synlet (Syndrome/Buddy Pines x Violet Parr)

Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Cuties (Tamora Calhoun x Fix-It Felix)

Other Disney Movies - Any Canon Pairings

Harry Potter - Canon Ships (Harry Potter x Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger x Ron Weasley, Fleur de la Cour x Bill Weasley, Dumbledore x Grindlewald, Neville Longbottom x Luna Lovegood, Lily Potter x James Potter, Nymphadora Tonks x Remus Lupin)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Percabeth (Percy Jackson x Annabeth Chase), Frazel (Frank Zhang x Hazel Levesque), Caleo (Calypso x Leo Valdez), Octavian x Rachel, Jasper (Jason Grace x Piper McClean), Zephyros/Favonius x Nico di Angelo


Gravity Falls/Paranorman -Parapines (Norman Babcock x Dipper Pines)

Rise of the Guardians/Frozen:
- Golden Fractals/Elsandy (Sanderson Mansnoozie x Elsa)

Treasure Planet/The Little Mermaid 2 - Jim x Melody

Lilo and Stitch/The Incredibles - Dashiell Parr x Lilo

Ask me about any fandoms not listed for pairings!
Thanks to you all!

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